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10 Amazing Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

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Houghton Falls 

This nature park is forested in dense green and offers both beautiful hikes and views of Lake Superior. There are multiple waterfalls throughout the park, making the hikes even more spectacular. The biggest waterfall comes from water that pours out of two pipes, making it unique among waterfalls.

Location: Chequamegon Bay, Washburn, WI

Easy Hike With Unique Views

"Houghton Falls is only about 15 minutes from Bayfield so we stopped for a quick morning hike. We took our time and the hike lasted about an hour round trip. The path is incredibly well maintained. The sandstone gorges were interesting sights but sadly the falls were mostly dried up in early August. The trail ends at Lake Superior and gives some great opportunities for scenery and family pictures. Worth a quick stop while visiting the Apostle Islands!"
-Ben S.

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Brownstone Falls

The Tylers Forks River plunges over a jagged brownstone cliff, creating a beautiful waterfall over 30 feet in height. The whitewater contrasts beautifully against the dark brown of the cliff and the deep green of the forest surrounding it.

Location: 36764 Copper Falls Rd,  Mellen, WI 54546

Hidden Gem

"We went out of our way to hike at Copper Falls State Park, based on a friends recommendation. We were really glad to fit Copper Falls into our itinerary! Great trails, waterfalls, canyons...And all in our own state! Great lookouts for family photos. We came the day after a rain shower and the falls were flowing. Make sure you read the story about why the water looks like a deep amber brown (hint, it has to do with trees that fall in the water.)
With COVID, make sure you get your State Park pass before arriving as there are no State park rangers working with the new elevated numbers. Super easy to do it online."
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Lost Creek Falls

This waterfall may not have the height of others, but it is certainly unique. Visitors can walk behind the waterfall, which is rare for waterfalls in northern Wisconsin. The main drop creating the waterfall is about 8 feet and there are smaller cascades above it.

Location: Trail Drive - Cornucopia, WI 54827

Amazing Experience

"Amazing experience. The hike was easy, mostly flat, and good for beginners (3mi round trip). We saw various wildlife along the way, which is always nice, but may want to bring bug spray. The falls themselves were incredible: small but intimate. You are able to walk behind the falls! The pool underneath the fall is fairly shallow and great for taking your socks and shoes off and wading in the cool water. We went mid-week so we were the only people there, which made the experience even nicer - no sharing."
-Savannah Best
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Superior Falls

This waterfall is created by the Montreal River as it spills over a height of 110 feet over several platforms. It's one of the larger waterfalls in the area in terms of waterflow and height. There is a dam just upstream of the waterfall that diverts a large portion of the water, so spring is the best time to see this waterfall in all its glory.

Location: Northwest of Ironwood MI and Hurley WI

Magnificent Spot to Watch the Sunset

"We have been here a few times, and it's never a disappointment. It's a pretty steep climb down and then back up to the parking area, but there is a cable to hold on to. It's a magnificent spot to watch the sunset. The kids always have fun playing with the sandstones. The waterfall is tricky to get back to because you have to climb around an outcropping. However, once you get to it, you feel like you're in on a secret beauty."
-Briana King
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Copper Falls

This waterfall is located within Copper Falls State Park, a park renown throughout the state for its beauty. The waterfalls here are formed by volcanic rock and deep gorges cut into the hillside by the Bad River. Visitors to this state park have the added benefit of great hiking trails, biking, fishing and more.

36764 Copper Falls Rd - Mellen, WI 54546

Wonderfully Well-kept park

"We hiked the trail by the concessions & big parking area. It's 3.5 miles roughly with wide trails, steep but well kept stairways & gorgeous waterfalls. Next time we come back we'll do the 5 mile round trip on the Red Granite Trail (you can take dogs on this one). My daughter & her husband hiked this one also & said the trails were equally as well kept, but not as steep & there were some challenging spots you could actually hike down to the river."
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Saxon Falls

The gorge below this stunning waterfall is one of the deepest in the state. When the flow is higher, this waterfall is even more spectacular. Interestingly enough, this waterfall is occasionally visited by white water rafters who take advantage of its relatively gentle decline and actually raft over the falls.

Location: 14 miles Northwest of Ironwood MI and Hurley WI

Beautiful & Not Far Off the Road

"This is a beautiful waterfall with various areas to view it. If you just want to see the top side, there is an easy, short, flat trail to get to the security fence with a clear view of the largest portion. If you want to travel up stream by the dam and see the red, layered rock formations and more smaller falls, the trail is well marked, but be ready to climb around rocks and roots. It is worth the slight effort taken. There is also a steeper trail that takes you to the bottom of the falls for a completely different view point. The natural beauty here is worth the stop!"
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Potato River Falls

The Potato River runs through a forested gorge before tumbling down several rock faces, forming pools and plunges on the way down. For those looking for a bit more freedom and adventure, this series of waterfalls isn't fenced off, meaning you can get up close and personal with the water as it cascades downhill.

Location: Potato River Falls Rd - Gurney, WI 54528

Worth Seeking Out

"This hidden gem is work seeking out. It's a short hike but well worth it to see the falls at the end. Lots of spots along the hike for photo ops. There are a lot of wooden stairs to take and some are in need of repair so be prepared for the climb."
-Jason M.
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Morgan Falls

This waterfall is created as a thin stream of water falls diagonally over 70 feet of granite rock face. The trail to the waterfall is an easy 1.2 miles out and back, and is perfect for the whole family. In winter, this waterfall is all but frozen, and just a trickle runs down the rocks. The Morgan Falls trail is a great winter hike as well, but bring snowshoes!

Location: County Line Rd - Marengo, WI 54855

Great Hike Anytime of the Year

"Ample parking in new blacktopped lot. Annual park sticker, or day use fee, is required. Morgan Falls hike is short & easy with footbridges over most low areas along the way. Great hike anytime of the year and suitable for families with children."
-Lana F.
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Big Manitou Falls

Wisconsin's highest waterfall, Big Manitou Falls roars as it rushes over rocks and crashes into the black river. This area offers great scenic views and thanks to its popularity, is accessible to almost any visitor who wants to take in this magnificent waterfall. It's an easy drive and short walk to scenic viewpoints that offer the best view of the falls.

Location: 6294 S State Road 35 - Superior, WI 54880

Biggest Waterfall in Wisconsin

"Big Manitou Falls is the biggest waterfall in Wisconsin and it's just beautiful. We drove all the way from Bayfield (1 hr 45 minute drive) to view. We also stopped at Amnicon State Park along the way to view some other waterfalls. The falls in Pattinson State Park are lovely and worth visiting. The trails are short walks and wide for accessibility. There are some stairs. There is a detour on the road leading to the state park. Hopefully that will be over soon, as we were on a winding dirt road! But we got there and it was worth it. Bathrooms in the front area are clean and well-maintained."
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Gabbro Falls

This waterfall is one of many beautiful falls along the black river. It drops a total of 40 feet, but falls in 3 separate stages into pools carved into the black rock, from which the falls takes its name. The waterfall is accessed via a one mile out and back trail and is largely wild, meaning there are no barriers, fences, or other buildings in the area. Those who love to explore will find this waterfall a great destination.

Location: Blackjack Rd. Bessemer, MI 49911

Off the Beaten Path

"This waterfall is beautiful. Its off the beaten path and you think you're lost, but you're not. The path can be dangerous in wet weather so be cautious but it is soo worth it!! Don't forget to walk down the first path to the bottom of the rock where the rope is and climb it :)"
-C K

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